What Makes Natural Alkaline Water Better Than Artificial

Individuals with knowledge about alkaline water must be aware of the phrase “artificial alkaline water” and often would be curious about the meaning of this specific term. Infatuation in the market regarding the growing trend of the higher the ph level the higher the alkalinity of water. This hassle of achieving the highest ph levels originates confusion and mischief among the public. Speculation such as more alkalinity means better water for an individual’s body is not but myths. Scientific studies have shown that consumption of artificially invented alkaline water as daily drinking water over a long course of time can have daunting effects on health. In conclusion, when opting for alkaline water it’s crucial to opt for natural alkaline water from well-reputed alkaline water brands.

Why Obtain Only Natural Alkaline Water

An alkaline pH level rating depends upon natural and unnatural substances in alkaline water. The health beneficial properties of alkaline water can vary due to the condition of the water. Natural alkaline water has a vast majority of chemical makeups that are distinctively different from artificially alkaline water. Artificially created alkaline water undergoes an ionization process that tricks the pH scale showing that water contains a certain ph. However, artificially invented alkaline water does not possess any mineral and any health benefits for the human body. Therefore, opt for natural alkaline best bottled water to gain all the essential health benefits.

What Is the Difference Between Natural and Artificial Alkaline Water Processes? 

Alkaline Water vs. Distilled WaterFloWater

  • Naturally, water follows down the mountains collecting the alkaline minerals from the porous rocks, and rainwater captured before emerging on the ground contains an astonishing amount of alkaline minerals. Harvesting of water is done naturally and no chemical process is done to make its pH level higher.
  • Various supplying companies have opted for machines that use the ionization and electrolysis process to make water artificially alkaline. Tap water is run over titanium and platinum plates which causes a reaction in water ions to exchange to make water more alkaline in pH. Electrolysis processes split water molecules with water ionizers with electricity to make artificial alkaline water.

Effect of Absent Minerals in Artificial Alkaline Water On the Body

All Natural water in the world has a pH level that correlates to the minerals it contains. Therefore, when an individual consumes alkaline water the human body speculates that water contains crucial minerals such as magnesium and calcium. Consumption of artificial alkaline water mimics natural alkaline water by tricking the brain with ionized water. Therefore, when the human body encounters artificial alkaline water it starts to deplete the mineral reserves of the body to balance the mineral quantities in the body. Constant intake of artificial alkaline water tricks your body into thinking that it’s receiving all the essential minerals required. Thus, this depletion of the body causes mineral deficiency and leads to health complications.

Why You Must Opt for Natural Water

Artificially created alkaline water with a much higher pH than natural alkaline water should not be consumed under any circumstances. As it is proven by scientific methods that artificial water achieves its high ph level through electrical treatment processes and tremendously lacks in carrying minerals that are required by the body. Doctors and health geeks condemn the use of artificial alkaline water and encourage people to obtain and consume alkaline water that has been harvested in natural ways and has not been through any electrical treatment. Scientists and geologists suggest individuals stop the usage of plastic water bottles and obtain water in aluminum or glass bottles to help save marine life and to save the planet.