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5 amazing GNC Proteins for Energy and Endurance that Should Definitely be on your Radar

Adding a whey protein supplement to your fitness routine is a great way to get high quality muscle building protein that’ll help you accomplish all your fitness goals. A lot of fitness enthusiasts start taking whey protein supplements without proper research and knowing their pros and cons. If you are looking for the best protein supplements, then do check out the range of GNC protein.

It is recommended that the supplement you take should align with your fitness goals to give maximum benefits. Some of the main benefits of whey protein supplements are – helps boost immunity, aids in weight loss, reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels, builds stamina and muscle strength, ideal for quick and sustained recovery etc.

Find out more about the top 5 GNC protein powder supplements that are known for supporting energy and endurance.

GNC Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein

When listing the best GNC protein supplements for energy and endurance, GNC Pro Performance 100% whey protein tops the charts. It is the most popular whey protein supplement and is known for its amazing results and is completely value for money. If you are a beginner level athlete or have just started your fitness journey, then this is the perfect protein supplement for you.

The main benefits of GNC Pro Performance 100% whey protein are – it helps with body building and maintenance, has a great amino acid profile, is loaded with digestive enzymes which make it really easy to digest, reduces fatigue and muscle soreness, and is gluten free formula. Each serving provides 24 g high quality protein and it also has 5.5 g BCAA that are instantly absorbed by the muscles for optimal recovery after intense workouts.

GNC AMP Wheybolic

GNC AMP Wheybolic is another GNC protein that is extremely popular among intermediate level fitness enthusiasts. It has a highly advanced formula that is clinically proven to make your stronger and increases strength and muscle size by 30% in just 8 weeks. Unlock your hidden potential with this fast absorbing whey protein isolate supplement. It supports strength, stamina, and performance and fuels anabolic muscle support and recovery.

You can use GNC AMP Wheybolic before or after workouts as it provides fast absorbing protein and helps with quick recovery as well. Each serving provides 40 g high quality protein and 15 g BCAA including 10 g of leucine. The advanced enzyme blend present in ProHydrolase helps in enhancing the protein absorption. On the other hand, Velositol helps in muscle protein synthesis post rigorous workout sessions.

GNC AMP Gold Series 100% whey protein advanced

If you are looking for a GNC protein blend that’ll suit your fitness needs, then do check out GNC AMP Gold Series 100% whey protein advanced. It has the perfect amalgamation of whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey protein hydrolyzed to support lean muscle growth and maintenance.

It is available in 4 delicious flavors – double rich chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, and delicious strawberry. GNC AMP Gold Series 100% whey protein advanced assists in quick muscle recovery and maximizes muscle gain, especially for advanced level bodybuilders. Each serving delivers 24 g protein to help gain lean muscle. It is also enriched with 5.5 g naturally occurring BCAAs, 4 g glutamine to speed up muscle recovery process, and 100 mg digestive enzymes for quick digestion and absorption in the body.

GNC Pro Performance AMP Gold Series Ultra Rush

GNC Pro Performance AMP Gold Series Ultra rush is a pre workout supplement, which can prove to be a great addition to your supplement stack and fitness routine. It is a pre workout drink for better energy and improved athletic performance. It helps achieve your fitness goals by supporting blood flow and pump.

The special Power & Performance matrix promotes muscle strength and endurance during high intensity workouts. It boosts metabolism and improves mental focus for better training. GNC Pro Performance AMP Gold Series Ultra Rush is a pre workout drink. It is available in 3 flavors – watermelon, blueberry, and fruit punch. Just add one scoop in 300 ml cold water and shake well.

GNC Pro Performance Creatine Monohydrate

Simply taking protein supplements is not enough. If you want to push through intense workouts and get that edge, it is important to add creatine supplements to your fitness routine. GNC Pro Performance Creatine Monohydrate is one of the bestselling creatine supplements on the website. It is ideal for proper strength, stamina, and power. Each serving provides 3 g of creatine monohydrate.

The main benefits are – it is converted to creatine phosphate in the body that fuels anabolic muscles, it helps with cellular hydration, and is known to improve athletic performance. It is a pre workout drink and is available as an unflavored powder.

You can buy all these GNC protein supplements on the official website – Shopping on the website is a breeze with all the details mentioned and different payment options you get.

Make sure you consult your doctor before including any new whey protein or GNC protein supplement in your routine to avoid any side effects and allergic reactions.