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Cannabis Oils

Why Our Patent-Pending Click Dosage Syringe Is The Optimal Choice For Cannabis Oils

Cannabis oil has been shown to offer great benefits for users. However, like any drug, it is important to take the correct dosage of cannabis oil to avoid side effects. This is why it’s best to use a 1ml plastic syringe  to help you find out the required dosage. With our patent-pending click dosage syringe, you can figure the proper dosage of cannabis oil.

What is the Right Dose of Cannabis Oils for You?

That’s a very hard question to answer. The short answer is that you should consult a physician who can advise you on how much you should take. However, since everyone is different, there are certain factors that affect dosage quantities. These include the following:

  • Body Weight: The heavier a person is, the higher dosage it would require to achieve the desired effect. Cannabis oil is prescribed relative to the person’s body weight to offset any negative effects. Children and pets are, thus, not prescribed it under normal circumstances. Their physical and mental capacities both stand to suffer greatly as a result.
  • Medical condition: The medical condition that is being treated also affects the dosage required and the desired effect.
  • Body Chemistry: The body chemistry of an individual differs from one person to another. This requires different doses to be given to different people.
  • The Concentration of Cannabis oil: At times, the concentration of cannabis oil can vary in different brands. Hence, the dosage has to be adjusted for that medication.
  • Clashing medication: There is a chance that the person concerned is taking a medication that may clash with cannabis. In that case, this can cause adverse effects on that person’s physical/mental health.

As outlined before, you should always consult a professional physician before self-prescribing any medication. They will tell you all you need to know about the potential side effects and the risks involved.

Calculating Your Own Dosage

If you don’t get any recommendations from doctors, small doses are a great place to start. This means that you start with 20 to 40 mg a day. After a week, if this is working, you can either stick to it or increase the dose. Do not increase the dose by more than 5 mg at a time. Make sure that you give the dose the time to do its work. This will allow you to fully appreciate the effects that it has on you.

If you are treating severe pain, you can start with 40 mg. However, you should only take this much when you’re in severe pain. On days when you can’t feel pain or when the pain is less intense, you can take lower doses. After a week, you can also increase this to 45 mg. After the second week, you can increase a further 5 mg to 50 mg if you want. You may feel that your pain is bearable at some point.

Make sure that you note down the doses of CBD that you’re taking. If the symptoms are getting better, you will know at what point the cannabis oil has started to work.

Using CBD oil means that it will come in a dropper bottle. It will specify how much is in a single drop on the bottle itself. From there you can figure out how much of it you need to use. Sometimes, it’s harder to figure out since the specific amount isn’t listed on the bottle.

Sometimes, the bottle lists how much CBD is in the entire bottle. This means that you’ll have to measure out exactly what you need. If a 10 ml bottle contains 200 drops, then every drop contains 0.05 ml of CBD. This will require exact dosing.

In that case, you can use our patent-pending click dosage syringe. It has a capacity of exactly 1ml. This will help you keep your dosage exact. There will be no variations. With the click dosage capacity, it ensures that you only take 1ml per shot of cannabis oil. Hence, it keeps the chances of overdose or of adverse effects low.

Side Effects of Taking Too Much CBD

CBD or cannabis oil, is a drug, like any other. While cannabis is safer than many other drugs in its class, its dosage needs to be controlled. Too much of any drug can have side effects.

The continuous use of CBD without inhibition has shown little side effects. In 2011, a study showed that high doses like 1500 mg a day even didn’t result in any damage. That is a high dose that can be tolerated by humans. However, in 2019, a study showed that high doses of CBD could result in liver damage. This is especially true when the damage is coupled with other medications.

Other possible side effects of taking too much cannabis oil include:

  • Fatigue: You may feel tired at odd times of the day and find it hard to concentrate on work
  • Diarrhea: While not many cases of explosive diarrhea have been reported, this can cause weakness and fatigue if left unchecked
  • Changes in appetite: You can go from not having an appetite to craving odd things. This has been a well -known side effect of marijuana.
  • Changes in weight: Due to the odd eating habits and appetite that results from excessive dosing, you may notice changes in your weight.

If you’re experiencing any of the abovementioned symptoms, you need to discuss it with your doctor. Let them know whatever cannabis-based oil or drug you’re taking,

Our Patent-Pending Click Dosage Syringe is Perfect for Cannabis Oil Doses

At Medlock, our patent-pending click dosage 1ml plastic syringe is the perfect instrument for dosing. It will help you keep track of the exact portion of cannabis oil that you need. Not only is it foolproof, but it’s also accurate. It only has volume enough for a single ml so that you can measure out what you need exactly.


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