What Is Anemia And How To Cure It Naturally

To properly treat anemia, it is essential to detect the anemia in time. Reduced amounts of erythrocyte or hemoglobin can in various ways work into problems in the everyday life of the patient. How to fight the symptoms? www.hippiegrowshop.ca knows the right way to do so and it is with the help of medicinal herbs that can cure the disease completely.

Different types and causes

Anemia is a condition that refers to reduced red blood cell volume (and / or decreased hemoglobin, red blood cell oxygen transfer). It can be hereditary or acquired, and there are more types and degrees of anemia. These are, for example, microcytic, macrocyte or megaloblastic and sideropenic anemia.

The most common cause of anemia is considered iron deficiency in the body. This may be a lack of iron in the diet, its increased needs due to certain conditions such as pregnancy, blood loss in various bleeding or during puberty. Anemia can also occur in iron absorption disorders in the digestive tract and as a result of certain diseases.

Anemia is more common in women in reproductive age due to increased menstrual bleeding. Research shows that as many as 10% of women have anemia caused by iron deficiency.
The most common symptoms

As with other diseases, so in the case of anemia, the body sends signals indicating that something is wrong. Some of the symptoms indicating that we lack iron include constant tiredness, lack of concentration and blunder. Also, symptoms of iron deficiency in the body may be a change in nail and hair quality and hair loss. Some of the common indicators of anemia are general weakness and accelerated heart, dizziness, headache, and tinnitus in the ears.

Proper treatment

To find out the cause or the existence of anemia, it is necessary to conduct a complete blood test. By analyzing the blood picture, the quantity of iron and its reserves in the body is determined. In some cases the level of folic acid and vitamin B12 is checked.

Anemia treatment is accessed after its cause has been established. If the cause of anemia is a disease, it is necessary to treat it. If it is considered necessary, it is also necessary to perform the gynecological tests of this digestive system.

Heavier forms of anemia are cured by replenishment of the blood, while other forms are mainly supplemented with iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 and a balanced diet. The recommended daily dose of iron is up to 200 mg and iron supplements are taken one hour before meals in combination with Vitamin C, which plays an important role in its absorption.

It takes two to four months to improve iron balance and therapy is well conducted six months after recovery.
Anemia during pregnancy and during breastfeeding

Causes of anemia

There is already a known link between folic acid, iron, and women planning pregnancy. Namely, during pregnancy planning and for fertility success, women are advised to take folic acid supplements or vitamins and minerals that contain a higher amount of folic acid. Of course, her intake is recommended during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

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