Nuts for Pistachio Spread

7 Reasons Why You’ll Go Nuts for Pistachio Spread

Considered as the perfect nut, Pistachios offer a lot on the table. One of these is pistachio spread or also known as pistachio paste. Long been used as a primary ingredient in most European pastries and delights, Pistachios bring a smooth, sweet balance to dishes that would satisfy anyone’s palate. Apart from its unique flavour, it is also chock-full of beneficial nutrients like all nuts. There’s a reason why the love for pistachios has stood the test of time. People have been enjoying these nuts for thousands of years and it’s not dying any time soon due to pistachio’s versatility.

What is Pistachio Spread?

Pistachio spread or paste is made from 100% pistachio kernels milled, dried or roasted, and processed without removing its oil to produce this vivid green buttery paste. It is important to note that pistachio oil and fat are absolutely cholesterol-free. It is also an excellent sugar-free spread that is compatible for flavouring pastries and desserts, as well as as main dishes. So, if you’d like to indulge the way you’d do on peanut butter, go ahead.

It has a smooth, creamy texture and has a rich, light, and unsweetened pistachio flavour, which adds dimension to any of your dishes. The thickness of it depends on how you want to apply it. Pistachio paste is usually richer than the nuts themselves so the thicker it is, the more it meshes well with your cakes, cookies, and other types of pastries.

How to use Pistachio Spread

The versatility of pistachio spread allows a number of diverse applications in different culinary areas. It is an organic nut spread which is ideal for spreads and flavouring baked goods, ice cream, and even gourmet cooking. It adds creaminess and richness to various recipes while also being heart-healthy and abundant in fibre and protein.

Reasons to fall in love with pistachios

  • Rich in antioxidants

Pistachios are highly rich in antioxidants, and proof of that is its vivid green colour that we all love. It contains more antioxidants than most nuts and seeds. Antioxidants help prevent cell damage due to free radicals which may cause diseases. It also has the highest lutein and zeaxanthin content among all nuts which are crucial for healthy eyesight.

  • Contains beneficial fatty acids

Despite being a high-fat food, pistachios are great since it contains more unsaturated fats which protect the heart from cardiovascular disease.  It also contains omega-3 fatty acids which are associated with higher levels of good cholesterol.

  • Low-calorie nuts

Nuts are typically high in calories, but pistachios are among the lowest-calorie nuts which makes it healthier.

  • May help in weight loss

These nuts are considered as an energy-efficient food and can aid in weight loss, too! Pistachios are rich in protein and fibre and eating more of it makes you feel fuller a little longer.

  • Aid in lowering blood sugar

Eating pistachios won’t contribute to large and sudden blood sugar spikes since it has a low glycemic index. While it has a high-carb content, it can help in managing your blood sugar levels.

  • Lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure

There have been many studies proving how pistachios help in reducing the risk of heart disease in many ways. One of them is being able to lower blood cholesterol levels and increase “good” cholesterol.

  • Delicious to eat

Pistachios are – hands down – one of the most delicious nuts out there. You can enjoy it as a snack, add it as crumble topping on your muffins or cakes, or colour and flavour your desserts like pistachio gelato or cheesecake. You may also whip it up, make some yummy spread, and simply eat it away with a spoon. The pistachio spread’s beautiful and vivid green colour adds a touch of sophistication to your culinary creations.