These Two Fashion Brands are Great for Consumers with Small Budgets

Shopping for clothes is definitely fun. However, if you’re on a tight budget, it wouldn’t be practical to splurge on those expensive brands at all. In fact, you should be a wise shopper and look for brands that are very stylish yet affordable. We’re here to help. Here are the top brands for budget-conscious consumers out there.


1. Uniqlo

It would be a sin if you don’t know this clothing brand! Likewise, a lot of companies have already tried, but they still can’t match up the prices being offered by Uniqlo. Though, what makes this clothing brand preferred by a lot of consumers is the fact that despite its affordability, they didn’t let the quality suffer at all. Unlike other shops that sells “disposable” clothing, Uniqlo is different. You’ll be able to wear your clothes a number of times. It doesn’t easily fade or get ruined (due to frequent washing). However, we’re not saying that your Uniqlo purchases would be good for a number of years. Instead, if you buy a shirt during summer, rest assured that it would last for a couple of months. Perhaps, even a year or two. Uniqlo is also being advertised by a number of fashion websites, such as This gives you the assurance that it’s a brand that you can really trust, because other people don’t mind promoting their clothing line. Also, as a rule of thumb, if you’re really on a budget, it’s ideal to start off with your simple and basics. That means pick styles that are versatile. When shopping for an outfit, try to picture yourself wearing it for a number of occasions. If you can, then it’s definitely worth buying. Also, the key is, you should know how to accessorize. No matter how ‘cheap’ your outfit is, you can make it look your best if you know how to dress yourself properly.

2. Jcrew

Another wonderful source of quality clothes at a reasonable price would be J.Crew. Although it’s not as affordable as Uniqlo, the prices of their clothes are definitely more affordable than the rest of the brands out there. This holds especially true if you’ll compare their prices with luxury brands that offers the same style more or less. Although J.Crew is an outlet chain, if you’re going to get a J.Crew gear, for the price that’s below a hundred bucks, then you’d have to do a double take. Also, when buying from the Factory line, it’s important that you pay attention to identifiers, such as the two diamonds under the “R” logo tag. That would give you the confidence that it’s a good deal. On the other hand, if the price is too low, it would be ideal to think again. Other than that, J.Crew is one of the places you should go to if you’re on the look for accessories, men’s and women’s clothing at great value. The good thing about J.Crew is that they also have an online store where they offer huge discounts on certain clothing items. What could be a better deal than that?