Magnesium vitamins in a spoon

Treating Depression Naturally Without The Use Of Antidepressants

Depression, the word most Americans have dealt with sometime in their lives. It comes in all forms and can take your joy and throw it out a window. You lose focus on the good things in life and feel like there’s no hope to be had. Once you admit that depression has taken over you go to the doctor.  They doctor says here is a prescription to help you.  Taking medication everyday may not be the only way to treat your depression. Here are some ways to naturally treat your depression without medication.

Magnesium vitamins in a spoon

A natural treatment for depression could be lifestyle changes. These include a variety of actions you can take to change your mood. First you may set goals for yourself.  These don’t have to be big.  Suggestions would be to set small goals that are easily obtainable.  Getting exercise and enough sleep are also important. These actions help the body to produce needed hormones and get the blood pumping to the brain. Sleep gives your body the rest it needs.  It allows the body time to heal and regenerate.  Eating healthy is another good way to manage and treat your depression.  Make sure you are getting those vitamins and minerals your body uses to function properly.

Natural treatments for depression could include activity in your life.  Taking on responsibilities could give you that extra boost to get up and move.  When life is holding you down you need motivation.  Having responsibilities such as attending a meeting, church activities, or getting the children to ball practice, could give you the boost you need to keep on going. Spend time in meditation, write in a mood journal, or just do something new.  These activities can help you feel happy and give hope for healing.


Natural treatment for depression can include activities and lifestyle changes. If these are not enough there are natural supplements you can take.  St. John’s Wort and saffron are two that are known to increase the serotonin produced and released in the brain. Taking 25 milligrams of zinc daily for 12 weeks can help the body use the serotonin produced.  Other supplements include fish oil capsules and folic acid. If you don’t want to take those in pill form you can eat a serving of fish three times a week and stock up on beans, leafy greens, sunflower seeds, or avocados.

Natural treatment for depression can be an effective way to manage your mood. Medication does not have to be the only way.  When depression takes hold of your life, you feel like you will never be the same again. There is hope with these natural treatments.