Things to Know before Going for Full Mouth Restorations

Whether you want dental implants or you are looking for veneers, you should always ensure that you are discussing your needs with a dentist specialized in full mouth restorations. Also called prosthodontists, they work closely with you and help fix any issue that may be making your smile a little less-than-perfect. By improving your smile, you can see a direct increase in your self-confidence, which will make you a happier person.

Unhappy circumstances, genetics, and years of bad habits can damage your teeth and keep you from smiling more often, but a dentist specialized in full mouth restorations can fix all those issues for you.  However, you should ensure that you do not select a dentist at random and conduct some research to hire an experience practitioner who knows everything about smile makeovers.  Here are a few questions to ask before you undergo any dental procedure for smile enhancement.

  • Ask them how your smile will look like after the procedure. Your dentist will help you get a better idea regarding the smile makeover procedure you choose. Keep in mind that full mouth restorations not only affect your teeth but also have a direct impact on your facial structure. Therefore, it is a good idea to ask your dentist to show you some picture evidence to get an idea about how you are going to look after the procedure. You can check some before-after pictures to know what to expect after a procedure.
  • Ask them about the additional follow-up treatments before going any further. Depending on what procedure you select, you may have to visit your dentist’s office a number of times a month for follow-up treatments. With the advancement in technology, certain treatments, such as All-on-Four dental implants require only one day, but some treatments require more care and maintenance. Therefore, you should always discuss pre-procedure and post-procedure maintenance and care to know how to proceed in the right way.
  • Be sure to ask about the long-term cost of the procedure. Dental procedures cost a lot, and it is especially true for full mouth restorations. It is a good idea to ask your dentist about any long-term cost of different procedures. Do not just pay attention to the upfront cost of undergoing a procedure, but also know the long-term cost before committing to any given procedure.
  • Always ask about any negative aspects related to any given procedure. You have to understand that full mouth restorations and procedures like the smile makeover can change your life significantly. While the procedures certainly offer a permanent solution to intractable dental problems, they also demand for some lifestyle changes for better results. Therefore, you should always ask your dentist about any pros and cons of undergoing any particular dental procedure.

The fact of the matter is that full mouth restorations can certainly help improve your confidence and make you feel better about yourself, but you should always educate yourself about different procedures and any pros and cons of your selected treatment.