The Cons Of Using Herbal Medications For STD’s

The Cons Of Using Herbal Medications For STD’s

Going to the STD clinic can be embarrassing to say the least. The fear of STD testing and testing positive is enough to increase your anxiety levels, cause sweating, and raise your blood pressure to incredibly high levels. For some, it’s enough to make them not want to go. Instead, they self-diagnose and choose herbal remedies that they looked up online to ‘treat’ their condition.

Typically, the condition worsens, and other areas of their health are affected which could result in hospitalisation and lengthy treatment. Or they could have just gone to the STD clinic for STD testing, got prescribed an effective medication for their specific condition and had been healed in a week or so.

Why is it best to avoid herbal medications for STD’s and seek professional care? Let’s take a look:

The Cons Of Using Herbal Medications For STD’s

Herbal Medicines Are Not NHS-Approved- just because a certain medication is made using natural ingredients does not mean that it is safe or effective at curing any specific condition. Most herbal supplements are not approved by the NHS which means that they have not passed any safety, efficacy, or human clinical trials. There could be potential side effects, especially related to certain health issues, that might not show up in others who have used the remedy but could show up in you and make your condition much worse.

Safety- another important consideration when taking any herbal medication is the safety of the medication and manufacturing facility. Supplement and herbal formula manufacturers don’t have to adhere to the same stringent regulations that modern pharmaceutical companies have to. The NHS does, however, require that herbal supplement companies follow good manufacturing procedures that ensure certain levels of quality, this does not ensure the safety of those herbal products. Any herbal medicine can have potential side effects which can be compounded when taken with over the counter or prescription medications.

Research can help you make an informed decision, and it will lead you to your local STD clinic where you will receive professional medical treatment from a qualified healthcare professional.

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