Signs that Indicate It’s Time to Visit an Eye Doctor

How often do you visit an eye doctor? Most of you would probably continue to delay so unless your eyes become fiery red or too watery. However, your eyesight changes with time, and as trivial as the issue may seem, it may indicate something more serious. So you should not delay your appointments with an eye surgeon unnecessarily.

Regular eye examinations and tests are important for identifying and keep a track of your vision changes. Moreover, these exams allow you to diagnose eye conditions earlier on and get them treated through more effective means. The experts at Personal Eyes suggest that you should visit your eye doctor regularly, and if spot any of the following signs, then schedule an appointment right away.


Feel some kind of discomfort in your eye? Has your eye started to turn red more frequently? Or maybe you experience itchiness or dryness more often than you did previously. All these are signs that indicate a potential eye problem. Many a times, it’s just seasonal changes or allergies, but in rare cases, they may also be symptoms of a serious eye infection or another complication. So schedule an appointment right away to be on the safe side.

Vision Changes

Experience any kind of changes in your vision lately? Maybe you’re seeing spots or witnessing light flashes. In any case, it’s time that you schedule an eye examination. You should also visit your doctor if you find it difficult to see at night. You may not be able to read the road signs, or you may spot halos around the street slights. Generally, this is because of changes in your eyeglasses prescription, but a doctor can advise you better.

Eye Infection

An eye exam doesn’t just identify if your vision has changed, but also allows the optometrist to evaluate your eye’s overall health. Some eye infections may not require a treatment, but others should be treated properly. Plus, they may be contagious affecting the people around you as well.

If you experience any kind of eye infection or if you eyes release some kind of discharge, consult any eye doctor.

Frequent Headaches

You can suffer from headaches due to so many reasons such as muscular tension or stress.  But if these become more frequent, then it may indicate any eye issue.

If you experience migraines, your vision may be obstructed during, before or after the episode. Usually this is harmless, but sometimes, they may be more serious, indicating an underlying condition.

Diagnosis of a new health condition

How is your overall healing? If you don’t eat right or sleep well, it affects your eyes in terms of their functioning and feel. Also if you’ve recently been diagnosed with a health condition like diabetes or lupus, you eyes may have been affected. In all these cases, you should take extra care of your eyes on the recommendations of a doctor.