Preparing For An MRI With Akumin

Akumin is home to some of the best physicians in the country. Even with their expertise, it is normal that patients feel nervous about their first or even next MRI experience. MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging) is the newest imaging technology for that can help doctors diagnose injuries or diseases. So although some people do not want anything to do with the MRI process, it is usually necessary when a doctor requests it. The detailed and accurate images it produces cannot be produced with any other kind of imaging and scanning technology.

What Can You Do to Better Prepare for Your MRI?

Make sure that you tell your doctor is you have any health problem, especially those that are related to your organs like kidney or liver disease. Let your doctor and MRI technician know if you have had any recent surgeries, have allergies to any medicine or food, have asthma or are claustrophobic, are pregnant or may be pregnant.

To further prepare for an MRI, ask if you will be getting an Open MRI. Akumin is notorious for their Open MRIs and how their advanced technologies improve the customer experience. MRIs are not particularly fun for most patients so Open MRIs improve that process. If you are not getting an Open MRI, it is best to determine what methods make you calm down the best. Because it is important to stay still, using calming techniques is best to avoid ruining the MRI images. Any movement can cause blurriness and ultimately force technicians to take the images again.

No metal is allowed in any type of MRI room, traditional or open. The magnetic field in the machine can attract metal and will significantly change the images that are being produces. It may even harm you and whatever may be inside you. Therefore, it is essential that you tell your doctor and your technician if you have the following: artificial heart valves, body piercings, tattoos, pins and screws, insulin pumps, metal fragments from weapons, pacemaker, fillings from detail work, drug pumps, and any other implants or objects that are foreign to the body.

For more information about how to prepare for you MRI, contact Akumin today. With their world class experts, they will provide ways to relax before your MRI.