Porcelain Veneers: What Is The Best Option?

Porcelain Veneers: What Is The Best Option?

If you are thinking of applying veneers to improve your appearance, it is convenient that you first know what they are and what options exist. As experts in the placement of dental veneers in Australia, ​​we will tell you about it from our blog. Join us!

As the British dental health foundation explains, dental veneers are an excellent solution for cases where teeth are stained or chipped. They are also often used to achieve a more harmonious smile when the teeth are, for example, widely separated or misaligned.

Veneers are nothing more than small, thin pieces that adhere to the outside of the tooth. Although it is usually considered a purely aesthetic treatment, sometimes it also serves to correct small misalignments without the need to resort to orthodontics. Other defects that we can correct with veneers are variations in the color and size of the teeth. We must not forget that an attractive smile is characterized by large and homogeneous teeth, something that we can achieve in our clinic specialized in dental veneers in Australia.

Porcelain vs Composite: Which Is The Best Option?

The choice will depend on the needs of each patient, in addition to what he is willing to invest in this treatment. In any of the cases, our specialists will advise each person individually according to their case. We can separate the types of veneers into two large groups, depending on the material used:

Composite veneers are adhered directly to the tooth using a resin similar to that used in fillings. It is a relatively quick and easy method. These types of veneers are the cheapest, but the downside is that with use they will end up losing their original color and shine. They are also the most fragile, with the consequent risk of breakage. For all this, they require maintenance that has to be performed periodically in the clinic.

The placement of porcelain or ceramic veneers requires prior preparation. In particular, the external face of the tooth must be filed before fixing the new veneer. Additionally, these veneers are manufactured in the laboratory. Porcelain veneers have a higher price than composite veneers. In return, they are more resistant and durable, they preserve their original color better, and in general their aesthetic appearance is much better. To place this type of veneers more sessions are necessary.

Or in every patients, since due to their par functional habit of clenching or grinding the teeth they can fracture the veneers, the composite veneers allow us to immediately restore the small fracture, without having to remove the veneer completely by doing one again and save have to send to the lab to make one again

Now that you know what veneers are, and what advantages and disadvantages each of the options have, we recommend that you go to qualified professionals, who will undoubtedly be able to advise you for your specific case. We talk to you about the different materials we offer so that you can choose the one that best suits you. At Innovative Dental we are specialists in dental veneers as well as cosmetic dentistry in Australia. Visit us at our clinics and we will be happy to assist you!

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