Orthodontic Burs for IPR & Invisalign

Orthodontic Burs for IPR & Invisalign

Burs have many different uses in the dental industry. They have become ubiquitous around dental clinics and are one of the most basic tools wielded by modern – day dentists. One type of bur that also sees common use is the orthodontic bur for IPR and Invisalign. The following article will detail some of the treatments given this type of bur is used as well as the bur itself.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a method that includes wearing removable aligners that straighten your teeth as part of orthodontic treatment. They are made of a flexible, thermoplastic material that’s produced specifically for the treatment itself. It’s designed to replace the dental braces that have been around for many years, which are meant to straighten one’s teeth.

As part of Invisalign treatment, the patient’s teeth movement is personally mapped for maximum efficiency. Through this, the required force and its direction can be specifically applied to achieve the best retaining results. It also includes step-by-step monitoring by your doctor to make sure everything goes according to plan.

What is IPR?

IPR, or Interproximal Reduction, is a process that often accompanies Invisalign treatment. It deals with the removal of enamel from the tooth around areas especially crowded by teeth. During the process, only a very small portion of enamel is removed by specially designed hand tools. In the end, IPR makes way for the required treatments to be performed.

IPR is an important procedure during orthodontic treatments. Overlapping teeth are an example of a condition that requires IPR treatment. This condition means that pressure is constantly applied between the teeth themselves. This pushes the teeth out of alignment. IPR is one of the methods used to reduce the overlap and therefore prevent the effect.

Orthodontic Burs

Because IPR includes the removal of very thin layers of tooth enamel, (often around 0.25 mm) it requires very delicate burs to achieve this task. Using inappropriate burs can cause over – removal of enamel layers and eventual damage to the teeth themselves. That’s why specially developed Orthodontic burs have been designed and developed.

IPR burs were made specifically for this sort of action. They are usually thin and fine burs made of diamond. They come in a variety of sizes, from 0.3 – 0.65 mm. This allows the dentist to be very accurate during the procedures and achieve the desired results with ease. They are often used slowly and use the highest RPM and the most water among burs.

These burs also come in a variety of grit levels ranging from medium to super fine. Medium grit is the best choice to start with during a procedure, to remove the largest amounts of required enamel quickly. Afterward, gradual ascension in grit levels is recommended to reach finer levels of finishing for the teeth.

How to Properly Use IPR Burs

There are several guidelines for properly using IPR burs to achieve maximum results. These could potentially save much time and money by minimizing mistakes and improving workflow during the procedure. These are often recommended by manufacturers of the burs themselves and so their advice should be listened to.

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At the start of every procedure including IPR burs, low RPM should be used. This is done to achieve the desired angulation. After that, a gradual increase of the RPM is performed until it reaches maximum levels. This allows the dentist to make the interproximal reduction itself.

Another important thing to remember is to use as much water as possible. This procedure can bring with it its fair share of side effects. These side effects are usually caused by excessive heat, which causes damage to the pulp of the tooth. Using enough water cools down the area and prevents the local temperature from spiraling, thus negating damage.

Finally, it is recommended to work gently and avoid swift movement. These can cause unintentional damage to the tissue and can cause quite a few problems for both the patient and the dentist. That being said, proper training and experience are always the best teachers. These guidelines are but an abbreviation and should not be relied upon solely.

The Source of the Best Dental Burs

To perform the best IPR and Invisalign treatments, one must make sure the proper equipment is acquired. Special care should be taken when choosing IPR burs since they are used in especially delicate procedures. That’s where Eagle Dental Burs comes in.

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