Neighbourhood Heroes in Chicago Give ValueMags Hope

With the increase of violence in Chicago, ValueMags is realizing that the community needs to come together more. The magazine marketing and distribution company is dedicated to understanding why their neighbourhoods have not been safe for them or their families lately. With a carjacking near the company headquarters earlier last week, the company began installing cameras around their office and building alongside surrounding businesses.


A recent group of individuals in Chicago have given ValueMags and surrounding businesses hope about the state of their community this week. Last week, NBC 5, Telemundo Chicago, and other Making a Difference stakeholders partnered with community members and associations to launch Neighbourhood Heroes. The initiative is to make  Chicago a better place to live, one neighbourhood at a time. Thus far, campaign providers have asked Chicago residents to help them in the initiative by pledging to be better citizens by lending a helping hand, in a minor way or a large way. Likely for many Chicago resident and neighbourhoods who are not well off, it does not require any money to help or to participate. The time required is not that demanding either. ValueMags suggested to their employees that they be more friendly with their office neighbours and even encourages them to do it at home, teach their family members. Just smiling, offering a helping hand, and saying hi are good enough actions to begin the movement and participate in the movement.

Neighbourhood Heroes will also give a chance to those individuals that have lost themselves to find purpose again. Chicago is a popular city for gangs and gang creation therefore this movement can help reduce the amount of young people participating in gang and gang behaviour. The movement will encourage gang members to step back and realize if their actions are true to their values and their community. For more information on how you can contribute to Neighbourhood Heroes, contact ValueMags today! The magazine marketing agency is among the many companies that wants to do anything and everything to help.