Learn The Basics of Aromatherapy – What Do You Need To Know

Essential oils have long been a vital part of going to for massage or to the spa. They can either be diffused or added to the massage oil to be applied directly on the body or they can be used personally to treat what ails you.


Using Glycerin Soap is also helps keep away anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, panic attacks, fear, loneliness, insecurity and grief.

If you go back centuries, fundamental cures for ailments were found using these plants as well as plant extracts, and what they learned has followed through to today where same plants are being used for all the good they can give to us.

Consider eucalyptus for instance. This is a very fast growing plant, and evergreen is native to Australian region. You perhaps think of it first as the main diet for the Koala but the leaves of this plant can be used to make essential oils that are useful in reducing colds, coughing and congestion. It is antiseptic in nature; it is antimicrobial and is amazing when it comes to counter respiratory issues. As an essential oil, it can be used in massage to help relive joint and muscle pain as it is cooling in nature. It is great for everyday pains and aches as well.

Bergamot, on the other hand, is citrus scented oil that helps treat anxiety, depression and stress. It too comes with healing traits and works really well to help heal skin infections. It also stimulates the spleen, liver and the digestive system. When added to the massage oil, bergamot helps you calm down as the strain leaves your body. What could be better than that? Check out the amazing benefits of Palo Santo Essential oils here.

Chamomile is also known as one of the major claiming agents. It is quite popular in tea and also popular in spa settings as it works as a mood lifter and an antidepressant. Chamomile is also used for its antibiotic and antiseptic properties.

Tea tree oil is also commonly used so it is no surprise that it is one of the most popular essential oils and is used in several different aromatherapy sessions. It has numerous benefits and works as a natural immune system booster. It is also beneficial in alleviating muscle aches, healing the skin of minor burns and cuts, fights infections, even things like athlete’s foot. Tea tree oil is more of a multipurpose essential oil!

If you are in search for aromatherapy to ease hyperactivity then you must look no further than marjoram. It is beneficial in relieving anxiety, and helps with issues such as cramps and digestion. In a massage, it helps alleviate stress and headache and combats fatigue too. You can always opt for Palo Santo Incense too!