Prevent Obesity

Prevent Obesity

How To Prevent Obesity: 10 Effective Tips

Obesity is a condition of an excessive amount of fat in the body. It is one of the most important health concerns in the world today. It can also be defined in terms of BMI (body mass index) that is the ratio of a person’s height and weight. A person is obese if his/her BMI is more than 30. In America, nearly 40 percent of people are facing obesity. You can treat obesity, but if not treated, it can lead to adverse effects on health.

Obesity And Overweight

Let us just have a look at how obesity differs from overweight. It is all defined through the BMI index. A person with having BMI ranging from 25.0 to 29.9 is said to be overweight. On the other hand, a person with BMI greater than 30.0 is said to be obese.

For a healthy and normal body weight BMI range lies from 18.5 to 24.9, and to ensure a fit and healthy body, one must focus on maintaining a healthy BMI.

Why Is It Important To Lose Weight?

A point comes with excessive fat in the body, what health hazards an individual can face, and why it is important to maintain a healthy fat level. Obesity has been declared as a disease. It can lead to health concerns of blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and premature death. Acknowledging it as a disease based on its global impact has also opened up a need for awareness and policies at all levels to fund treatment.

How To Avoid Obesity?

When it comes to treating this chronic disease, surprisingly, even the medical interventions are all combination of dietary plans, behavioral assessment, and changes. Eventually, the key and remedy to avoid such conditions are to adopt healthy behavioral and nutritional patterns.

Let us have a look at the essential ways through which this undesired condition can be avoided.

  • Ensure Active Routine

The human body is a muscular machine. It is meant to move and do routine tasks. So, a healthy and active routine is essential. Try to do your daily tasks yourself; it will keep you healthy and fit. If you think that your routine and work hinder you from doing, you can take some time to exercise and let your muscles in action.

  • Get Enough Sleep

Research has shown that lack of sound sleep can induce other health concerns. So it is very important to have a healthy sleep pattern. After an active routine, a body needs rest and sleep to reenergize. Managing an active and healthy routine will ultimately help manage good sleep. It is vital for those who struggle in managing sound sleep.

  • Avoid Drinking Alcohol

You might not notice, but excessive consumption of alcohol is making you obese. This is because alcohol slows down the metabolism. Due to this, a person starts to gain weight gradually, and with time this weight becomes unmanageable. To avoid this, you can get special treatments for alcoholism. Under the guidance of an expert, you can recover from addiction as well as lose weight.

  • Follow Biological Clock

At day time body’s metabolism is at its best. Likewise, it slows down at night. Whatever we eat in the morning is broken down into energy. The body goes into a storage mechanism at night, so whatever we eat at night is all turned into fats. Follow the sun, eat in the daytime and avoid eating at night.

  • Mindful Eating

Eat mindfully to avoid excessive fat gain in your body. Everything above the required level is stored in the body as fats, which will gradually take towards obesity.

Keep few points in mind while opting for what to eat. Opt for foods richer in proteins, whole grains, fiber, and healthy fats. Replace your snacks with healthy ones. Go for fruits, handful nuts, and vegetable salads when needed.

  • Set Goals

Set some small fitness goals for yourself, and when you achieve them, celebrate them. This will further motivate you to do more. This could include when you lose a bit of weight and get fit in your new outfit celebrate that moment for you have achieved what you desired. You can buy a new fitness-wear or shoes for the gym if you are making a plan to join a gym.

  • Don’t Skip Breakfast

Always go for a healthy and filling breakfast; it will help energize you for the day ahead. Skipping meals will put your body in a fat-storing approach as fewer calories are available to the body. Go for more balanced and healthy options to fill your appetite, and don’t starve yourself.

  • Avoid Sugar

It is very important to avoid and skip processed sugar, and if you desire to eat something sweet, look for natural sweeteners. Processed sugar is not suitable for health, and its excessive use leads to obesity. To maintain a healthy weight, avoid juices and other carbonated drinks.

  • Keep It Steady

Changes never occur overnight. Always adopt a steady yet productive approach towards your aims. Start with small transformations. If you inhabit eating deeply-fried food, you should first move to shallow fry and gradually move to skip fried food.

If you want to skip junk food or any other food first step, cut short your portions and then gradually move to what you desire. Such changes might seem slow and might not show up results soon, but they would be long lasting. So a slow and irreversible change is far better than a quick and reversible one.

  • Peaceful Mind

A peaceful body and a relaxed mind are both interrelated. Are you going through hard times, things are not going in your favor, and your brain is over-occupied with stress? Take some time to hold yourself. Let go of all the stress and allow yourself to relax. Other relaxing options could be doing yoga or visiting a spa.


Obesity is a disease, but it is not permanent. Some constructive behavioral changes can bring wonders in your life. It is not your fault if you are obese but staying with it and giving up on it is in your hands.