How Havening Helps In Living A Better Life

How Havening Helps In Living A Better Life

With the advancement in the therapeutic cures, havening is a new therapy that has been recently introduced in the world of psychological healing. The havening techniques are highly effective and can treat almost anything. The process has been developed after solid scientific research and the therapists know exactly how to de-link any kind of negativity that an experience from the past has over the present. John Nolan qualified successfully as the world’s eighty eighth havening therapy expert. He provides treatment to overcome all kinds of traumas from the past with a simple havening therapy. The following article shall provide you with a detailed outlook over the havening technique.

What Is The Havening Technique?

The first question that shall come to your mind is what the therapy is. A therapy that can erase all kinds of depression, anxiety and traumas is the havening therapy.

Free Your Pain, Havening Technique

Touch Therapy

  • It is a psycho sensory therapy that works with the aid of touch therapy. The therapist uses simple physical touch to alter the way our brain takes effect of a specific memory.
  • The therapy does not erase any part of your memory. It only changes the negative effect of a memory on your present life. Specific events in our life lead to the creation of traumatic memories that leave us in a state of anxiety or depression.
  • Havening uses aid of applied touch to accessible parts of our body to help in recovering from specific events. It changes the way our brain takes specific experiences.
  • It alters the brain chemistry and the therapist hence gains a path to change the effect of specific memories on your life.

How Does It Alter The Brain Functioning?

The technique causes the release of delta waves in the brain. This wave is released by specific movements of our eyes or tapping specific parts of the body or either by simple touching of a body part.

  • The wave has a frequency of about 0.5-2.0 Hz.
  • It is the same wave that is produced when we are in a state of slow wave sleep. It is the deepest form of sleep one can go into.
  • This wave alters the chemical and electrical balance of the brain and results in decrease of stress. In this way the therapist gains a way to enter the brain of the patient and alter the negativity in the memory.