Halotestin: Energy Booster

What is Halotestin? It is an anabolic-androgenic steroid. Anabolic steroid is an artificial or man-made chemical male sex hormone testosterone. Doctors prescribe this steroid for some medical conditions. But it is more popular among competitive bodybuilders, weight lifters and strength athletes to increase their stamina before participating in a competition. It’s most commonly known as Halo in fitness world. It’s an oral steroid unlike many other powerful steroids which are injectable.

Halotestin Can Increase strength as halotestin contains anabolic strength rating of 1900 and androgenic strength rating of 850. Anabolic ratings help in muscle building and androgenic ratings refers to increased male sex characteristics. For reference Testosterone carries 100 ratings in both anabolic and androgenic categories.  That means it is around 19 times stronger than the powerful hormone testosterone. It is an extremely fast acting steroid.

How it works?

Gives Strength: The use of the halotestin will increase the red blood cell count rapidly, which carry oxygen and nutrients into the muscles.  Thus developing the muscles in a very short time. It makes the athlete stronger with a bigger built up body and increased muscle endurance. The additional strength one gets with halotestin can rapidly go high and makes the user a superhuman. It helps in increasing the stamina but lacks in adding up mass to the body.


Promotes Aggression:Aggression helps the weight lifters/ athletes to push harder while doing their workouts. It is mainly used weeks before the competition to get the full benefit of aggression. But, it is not suggestable to people, who are new to steroids as it will be difficult for them to handle the aggression in a proper channel.

Burns fat:Unlike other steroids that add mass to the body, it helps shedding those last few pounds from the body. To get the full benefit of this feature one should be lean. It won’t work if you still have a layer of body fat. For this reason, it is used during cutting cycles to harden the body just before competitions.

Three important things to keep in mind before using Halotestin:

  • Halotestin is the most toxic steroid of all. Using it more than four weeks may affect the liver. To get the best out of it without any side effects use it for minimum two weeks and maximum four weeks.
  • The maximum dosage of Halotestin per day is 40mg. if the dosage crosses the limit, it will affect the liver. General prescribed dosage is 10-20 mg
  • Once Halotestin is stopped, one needs to undergo post steroid therapy, as the body stops producing the hormones naturally.

Dosage when stacked with Tren:

  • One can start with a dose of 50mg to be taken every alternate day and can be increased to 75mg if your body is able to tolerate. Even at such low dose of 50mg, one can see good results from Tren. Experienced body builders use as much as 100mg per day or every alternate day. The point to be noted is that the dose depends on your body’s ability to tolerate.