How to Ensure Oral Health of Entire Family

No one denies keeping teeth of all family members neat and clean, and you have innumerable reasons to wish for that. Seeing children with sparkling smile makes you satisfied in two ways:

  1. They’re smiling and making you happy, which is what you always want.
  2. They’re getting all nutrients and chewing every sort of food for better health.

Keeping the whole family smiling all the time may be the hardest task on earth, but you can at least make sure they maintain strong and healthy teeth whenever they smile. How can you ensure that? This post discusses simple tips and tricks to keep your family away from critical health issues that may have a direct or indirect relationship with teeth.

Needless to say, you should always consult experts in your locality. Sometimes, people develop gum diseases that need periodontal treatment. You’re going to find a periodontist in Ontario, if you have a gum disease or are feeling inflammation around gum area. Here, it is recommended that the periodontist must be a member of Ontario Society of Periodontists, just to make sure you’ve knocked the right door.

Following are some essential things to maintain strong, healthy and sparkling teeth for the entire family:

  1. Teach Your Kids Early

Despite great efforts in preventing decay, one out of every four children shows signs of tooth decay before his/her school age. Almost 50% of all children aged between of 12 and 15 develop cavities. So, start as early as first tooth (around six months), said by the expert dentists.

Start with clean, soft and damp cloth, or use very delicate soft brush. By the time your kid reaches the age of 2, he should be brushing and cleaning his teeth by himself. But your supervision will remain there.

  1. Seal off Trouble

You may use permanent molars as soon as your child reaches the age 6. If you use thin protective coatings to the back teeth at their chewing surfaces, you can prevent the pits and fissures from decaying. Sealant reduces the threat of caries, said the experts. Meanwhile, parents are not educated enough to apply the sealants so early. In fact, one in every three kids receives dental sealant.

  1. Use Sufficient Amount of Fluoride

If you’re using water which isn’t fluoridated, consult your periodontist Ontario, who may suggest an alternative – using a fluoride application on teeth. Apart from toothpastes, there are mouth rinses that contain fluoride.

Talking about kids at early age, use fluoride as much as possible, but it shouldn’t be more than pea-sized dab on his tooth brush, at a time. If you use more than this amount at one time, his teeth may develop white spots.

  1. Brushing and Flossing

This will prevent tooth decay and gum diseases to a great extent. Don’t think, only old people have gum disease or tooth decay issues. 75% teenagers contain gum diseases. Here’s what you should do:

  • Change your toothbrush from 3 to 4 times a year.
  • If the teenage kid has braces, he has to use special toothbrush, along with oral hygiene tools.
  • Old people can use electric toothbrush or the one with bicycle grip or foam tube on the regular toothbrush handle, so that they can brush their teeth regularly.