Easy Techniques to Identify Excellent Quality Cannabis

If you’re a cannabis connoisseur, then the last thing that you want is to buy low-quality weed when you visit cannabis dispensaries. And if you’re a novice consumer, identifying the best cannabis can be difficult for you. That’s why we’ve broken down some ways to tell if your pot is of good quality.

Here are some ways for you to check:


The density of marijuana can tell you if it’s poor or high-quality. High-quality weed will have a heavier, denser consistency than lower-grade cannabis which may be much lighter and airier. The buds should feel heavy in your hand as you give them a squeeze. Such marijuana may be found in reputable dispensaries near me.

Moisture Level

Poor quality weed will be dry, brittle, and crumbly in hand. Dry cannabis may be potent, but it is also harsh to smoke and has an overwhelmingly earthy flavour profile. Also, brown, crispy dry weed can taste like hay with a burnt aftertaste.

Excellent quality bud is sticky with resin which helps it to hold together well. The moisture level of the marijuana can also give you a clue about how old it is or what strain it may be.


Top-quality weed is sticky to the touch. It should be moist and have a gooey feeling when you squeeze it between your fingers. This will give an indication that there’s been some moisture available in order for this product to form into its final state.

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They should also not crumble and dry out. Buds which into turn into dust or crumble easily are not fresh. Buds that are dry will have a rough, sandpaper-like feel and the leaves of these plants may be brown or tan in color rather than green.


Marijuana that’s cultivated using the highest standards will have a unique smell. If it smells like hay, dry leaves, or even just dirt- it’s good quality cannabis that has been cultivated in a professional environment and stored properly. You want weed to be fragrant while still smelling fresh; otherwise, you know something is up with the product!

Their flowers should also emit a strong, pungent smell. This is a good sign that the marijuana contains high levels of cannabinoids and terpenes like myrcene or beta-caryophyllene. In addition to smelling great, these strains will have visible trichomes on their leaves and flowers.

The stronger the smell, the better. So if you can’t detect any odors in someone’s weed after they light up and start smoking, then there might be something wrong with what they’re passing off as “weed”.

Flower Structure

Skillfully grown quality flowers should have a sturdy structure, with tight buds that are not too loose or fluffy. The color of the flowers will also let you know if they’ve been grown to high standards – as vibrant colors indicate more nutrients in the soil which leads to stronger plants.

They should also have a well-defined shape, without any spots or broken leaves. The colas should be dense and full of buds with no brown edges, and the trichomes should look like a fine white powder on the flower’s surface that rubs off easily when touched.


Identifying excellent quality cannabis can be a difficult challenge. However, there are some tell-tale signs to help you identify which weed is good quality and which cannabis isn’t.

After reading this blog post, now you have the tools necessary in order to make an informed decision about what quality of marijuana you want for your consumption needs.