Conceptualization of Virtual Online Therapy and its Types Addressed

Conceptualization of Virtual Online Therapy and its Types Addressed

Virtual therapy is a form of Telemedicine. It refers to any type of treatment is sought out by a patient using an online device. Examples of virtual therapy are:

  • Speaking to a professional through videoconferencing software
  • Utilizing an app to gain access to virtual online therapy .
  • Therapy via email and phone for example, when physical therapists suggest specific exercises by email
  • The use of devices on the internet to evaluate patients or clients remotely. For instance when a speech therapist makes use of online tools to gauge the progress of a patient.

In the theory of things the case, any procedure that does not necessitate physical or laboratory tests can be performed on a virtual platform. The most popular kinds of virtual online therapy are:

Virtual Psychotherapy

The virtual psychotherapy also referred to as Telemental health or telepsychology helps people suffering from mental health problems sexual or relationship issues, or with significant stress via video chat, emails or text messages, telephone or via email. In the majority of online psychotherapy sessions A licensed therapist offers traditional therapy using a new platform. The client may talk about their emotions, gain information about their relationships and seek assistance in making lifestyle modifications. A modern type of psychotherapy that utilizes apps or coaching to boost mental health. This isn’t a traditional form of therapy since the client is not receiving treatment by a licensed practitioner. Instead, they may track their own symptoms as they progress, receive online coaching via an app, or receive daily tips for mental health.

Virtual Physical Therapy

The Differences Between in-Person Therapy and Online Therapy

The virtual physical therapy is a traditional form of therapy but via a phone or online environment. Physical therapists may discuss current symptoms, suggest exercises, or even conduct screenings. In certain situations therapy, a therapist could request a patient to complete exercises and then utilize cameras to assess their progress and form. Some apps for physical therapy supplement therapy by providing additional exercises , or by allowing a patient to monitor their progress throughout sessions. The user can use these apps along with the in-person or virtual therapy.

Virtual Speech Therapy

Speech therapy in virtual reality can be used to treat a range in speech problems, including a stutter, aphasia due to strokes, or speech problems. In a virtual meeting, an therapist will assess a person’s speech and provide strategies to correct speech difficulties, or help to practice new speech patterns. A new and new type in virtual speech therapy makes use of bots instead of human beings to help enhance speech. Virtual speech therapy applications are accessible to assist individuals in working towards their goals in speech between sessions or monitor changes in speech in time.

Virtual Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy assists people in acquiring particular life-skills. It is often used along with other forms of therapy. For instance, a patient suffering from speech problems because of stroke may choose to undergo speech therapy, and later occupational therapy to help them develop the motor skills required for using the speech assistive device. A therapist in virtual occupational therapy gives guidance, advice and suggestions on methods via a virtual platform for instance, through video chat. Certain types in virtual occupational therapy could also make use of virtual reality to replicate actual situations that an individual could face.

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