Common Treatment Methods Observed In Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a wonderful discipline that helps millions of people, get back to normal from many health conditions that are otherwise very difficult to treat. Over the years many new methods and techniques evolved to meet the estimation of the patients and physiotherapy itself is rapidly evolving to better itself every day. Pilates classes in downtown Toronto seek new methods as well try to incorporate traditional methods to help the patients. Here are some of the principal methods used in a physiotherapy session.

  1. Massage

Generally, every patient who would opt for physiotherapy would encounter massage at some point of time. Massage includes muscle relaxation sessions, hand movements, blood flow improvement sessions, join flexibility sessions, etc. Toronto pilates studio would provide massage treatments that would increase the flexibility and movements in the body. The mobility of an individual would rapidly increase when compared to the situation during injury or accident.

  1. Hydrotherapy

Exercises in the water are preferred to patients who are in need of improved nerve activity, blood circulation and muscle movements. Generally, hydrotherapy is done in specialized pools present within in the physiotherapy clinic. A physiotherapist downtown Toronto can supervise the exercises in a normal swimming pool also. The exercises help the individual because the healing medium is water pressure that helps in improvement of all the factors mentioned above. Their stimulation is observed gradually and the patient can perform in a better manner within few sessions.

  1. Electrotherapy

The nerve activity of some patients would be distorted and requires rejuvenation with the help of outside force. Electric pulses are used to create such stimulation. Small amount [quite negligible] of electricity is passed near the region and nerve activity improves. Apart from helping in activation of nerves, electrotherapy undertaken with a physiotherapist downtown Toronto would reduce the pains in muscles and regeneration is activated. There are mainly two types of electrotherapy methods:

  • Neuromuscular electrical stimulation
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

Now-a-days physiotherapists are using latest technologies like ultrasound and lasers instead of electricity to stimulate nerves.

  1. Exercises

The most principle methods of physiotherapy is to make the patient undergo exercises, which start from a very low range and increase in intensity. Pilates classes in downtown Toronto incorporated pilates exercises into physiotherapy which brought new exercises into treatment. They range from new techniques to completely new exercises that help to decrease the stiffness, increase the flexibility and ensure durability of the body. All the exercises are based on the capabilities of the individual and the nature of injury or condition. The physiotherapist will recommend a set of exercises that need to be performed daily for a couple of months for complete recovery.

These four methods are either used in unison or some of them are only preferred to the patients. This is entirely based on the observation of the physiotherapist who decides what methods to use and which ones to omit. For example, electrotherapy may not be necessary for everyone and exercises can be observed in almost all programs allotted to patients.