Most Common Health Conditions That Can Be Treated By Physiotherapy

In general, people think that physiotherapy best suits for sports injuries or broken bones that need healing. This is not the truth as physiotherapy clinics Brampton offer many other services to the patients that are really astonishing. In addition, there is no need for the suggestion of a doctor to meet a physiotherapist for some of the common conditions. The following mentioned conditions are treated by therapists either under the scrutiny of a doctor or independently.


People who face the troubles of migraine know how difficult it is to handle the situation when affected by it. Unfortunately, migraines and headaches that arise due to tensions are very common with the present scenario. There are no proper treatments in conventional medicine for migraines but progressive physiotherapy clinic offers the best treatment for these conditions. The treatment is done by applying pressure or massage to certain muscles that will help decrease the number of times these headaches strike. For beginner cases, it is even possible to completely eliminate the possibility of their occurrence.


A specific form of vertigo known as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo [BPPV] is a common presence in most of the people. It is considered as a psychological problem or phobia that can be taken care of by the methods followed by physiotherapists in Brampton. As BPPV is caused by the malfunction of some entities in the inner ear, the therapist will concentrate to repair or improve the performance of the inner ear. The greatest thing about the treatment is that in most cases the problem is solved within 2-3 sessions.

UI – Urinary Incontinence

Approximately 35% of the women around the world are affected by UI and most of the cases do not even go for a physical trial out of hesitation. There are many causes from which UI can occur like childbirth, pelvic muscle weakening, surgery, pregnancy and so on. By attending frequent sessions of therapy in physiotherapy clinics Brampton one can reduce the condition. The therapist will aim through various work outs and massages to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles leading to the disappearance of Urinary Incontinence.

Back pain during pregnancy

Another common problem like UI that occurs in pregnant women is the lower back pain. More than half the population of the world [pregnant women] experiences the pain due to hormonal increase, shift of body dynamics, weight gain, posture change, stress, etc. The physiotherapists in Brampton cannot handle the problems of hormonal imbalance as it is not their cup of tea. However, they can deal with the weight, posture change, lower back pain and flexibility of the pregnant woman. The therapist will recommend a tailor-craft exercise or workout session based on the capabilities and condition of the individual. This helps the body to carry the weight, develop endurance and improve the muscle strength. The result is a stronger woman who can handle the pregnancy in a better way.

There are many other health conditions that physiotherapy can treat in a few sessions. The problem is that no one knows about them; so, please spread the knowledge and let everyone know about the power of therapy. Find us from Health Local or Gold book to find more information.