Can I Travel During Pregnancy

Can I Travel During Pregnancy

Pregnancy does not seem to prevent you from travelling to places. This can provide solace and comfort for pregnant women. Traveling while pregnant is safe if you do not have any complications during pregnancy and you are well prepared.  However, it is best to consult a doctor first. Make sure you understand the health of yourself and baby. Don’t miss a single detail of your pregnancy history.

When can a pregnant mother travel?

The best time to travel is in the middle of pregnancy or around the 14th week until the 28th week of pregnancy. In the early stages of pregnancy and the end of pregnancy, or during your first and second trimester, travelling may not be advisable.

Before 12 weeks of pregnancy, mothers may feel more nauseated and tired, which will make them uncomfortable while travelling. In addition, in the early weeks of pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage is still high.

Travelling at the end of pregnancy can also make it uncomfortable while traveling. It can make you tired. After 28 weeks of pregnancy, you may find it harder to move and sit for longer. Many pregnant women choose to travel at the age of four to six months. This is the safest time to travel in pregnancy. However, if your pregnancy is healthy and you do not experience any complications, travelling at any time during pregnancy may be safe for you as long as you are well prepared.

Who can travel while pregnant?

All healthy pregnant women with no complications can travel. In contrast, pregnant women who have complications in pregnancy should not travel during pregnancy. This will worsen the situation of pregnant women.

Some of the complications that can prevent a pregnant woman from travelling are:

  • Problems with the uterus (cervix) of the uterus, such as cervical incontinence, where the uterus opens too quickly before birth
  • Bleeding of the vagina
  • Twin pregnancy
  • Gestational diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Preeclampsia
  • Problems with placenta
  • History of ectopic pregnancy
  • History of premature birth
  • If you are 35 or older and this is your first pregnancy

What preparations should you take before you start travelling?

Before you start travelling, you should plan your trip first, starting with your health, what items you should bring, and so on. Here are some things to do before you start the journey.

  1. Check with your doctor

Your doctor will help you decide if your trip will be safe for you and the fetus. Your doctor will also tell you what to do before you start the journey. You may need to be vaccinated before travelling to a specific country.

  1. Make yourself comfortable on the go

During your trip, we recommend you bring the items below to make your trip more comfortable.

If you’re boarding a plane, we recommend booking a seat near the aisle, so it’s easier to get up from the seat, and you can also stretch your legs during the flight. If you travel by car, make sure you get a break every 5-6 hours. This allows you to move your body and stretch your legs. Simple stretching every hour or so during the trip is necessary to prevent swelling, nausea, and cramps.

Another important thing to do before you travel is to make sure you get travel insurance that covers all your needs because no one knows what will happen to you during the trip. We recommend that you plan and prepare well if you have to travel long distances while pregnant. Enjoy your trip and don’t forget to get enough rest.