Armod brief overview

Armod is a trade name of the medicinal substance Armodafinil. It is a formulation that helps individuals with narcolepsy to stay active during the day as they are unable to do so naturally due to the congestive sleep-wake cycle regulation disorder.
However, this disorder is not the only case when people buy Armod and use it either on a daily basis or when they feel the need for an energy boost. The approved uses of the formulation include shift work sleep disorder and sleep apnea. Considering that these aren’t technically the disorders of sleep-wake cycle regulation by the brain, but rather an inability to get sufficient night sleep due to night shifts and obstruction of the airways, we can say that the medication is suitable for healthy people who need an effective brain stimulant.

How does the formulation act?

The medication regulates the sleep-wake cycle by influencing chemical substances in the brain responsible for waking up and the state of wakefulness in general. The formulation virtually “tells” the brain through these chemicals that it has to be awake and active.

Is it safe to use Armod?

It is absolutely safe to use the formulation even for long periods of time as it was developed as a life-long solution for people with narcolepsy. However, if you are not suffering from the disorder and simply want to feel more energetic, we would advise looking into a lifestyle change such as following a balanced rich in nutrients diet, sleeping for 7-8 hours a night, and exercising regularly. Maintaining a healthy body and taking vitamins and supplements is a healthier way to be more energetic and active. And it’s not because Armod is unsafe. It is safe but if you regularly do not get enough sleep, healthy food, and so on, you exhaust the resources of your body without noticing it as the drug will still make you full of energy. Thus, we recommend you to buy generic Armod as a temporary solution for when you had a rough night, exams, deadlines, and so on.

How should you take it?

People with the disease have to take a pill in the morning. People without any disorders can take a half of 150 mg pill in the morning. Never take the pill in the afternoon as you will suffer from insomnia. The exception can be made only if you have a night shift and need to be fully awake the whole night. Then, you should take a pill one hour before the shift.

Where to get it?

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