alcohol rehab

alcohol rehab

Alcohol & Viral Immunity: Heavy Drinking Increases the Possibility of Virus Infection

Both our mental and physical wellbeing is damaged by excessive alcohol consumption. Whenever someone consumes a large amount of alcohol or regularly drinks, it lowers their immune response. During the current pandemic, it is crucial to avoid heavy drinking sessions. The only way to improve immunity is by ceasing or reducing heavy drinking. Extra precautions are necessary for keeping oneself safe. As no cure has been created so far, it is best that we take care of our health in order to avoid falling sick. The only way to make it through this difficult time is by taking care of your immune system. Elimination or reduction of alcohol with the help of an alcohol rehab program might just be the answer.

Excessive Drinking Weakens the Immune System

One of the negative effects of heavy alcohol consumption is a weakened immune system. The mechanism depends on a variety of factors like general health, diet, gender, and age. However, studies reveal that drinking in moderation such as beer and wine can help decrease inflammation. But, research also shows that moderate consumption can also cause damage. A drink might have negligible effects, but three drinks would have serious effects. When it comes to intoxication, the immune system starts functioning poorly. On the other hand, chronic drinking lowers the ability of the body to fight off infections. An episode of binge-drinking can easily cause damage. Addicts need to join a rehab clinic to control their consumption.

Impact of High Alcohol Consumption

When you drink alcohol, it decreases the ability of white cells to properly function. In fact, heavy drinking worsens conditions like liver disease. It also damages the digestive system. An increase in inflammation due to alcohol kills off good bacteria. It is not good since it prevents us from properly digesting food and absorbing nutrients. Our immune response is linked to the wellbeing of our digestive system. Therefore, changes in the digestive tract cause changes to our ability to combat bacterial and viral infections.

In addition to the above, alcohol also damages the cells in our intestines which lead to malnutrition. As you already know, a lack of vital nutrients or poor diet wreaks havoc on the immune health. It is crucial to sign up for an alcohol rehab program to cut down on alcohol consumption. It affects the lungs which become end up becoming more prone to respiratory infections like Covid-19 and pneumonia. Thus, it increases the risk of virus infections which can be further worsened through smoking.

Alcohol and the Coronavirus

Heavy drinkers tend to have a lower immunity to bacterial and viral infections in comparison to light drinkers and abstainers. This is especially true if the liver gets severely damaged by alcohol. Although specific research on corona-type virus infections due to alcohol consumption has not been published as of yet, it is best to avoid heavy drinking and seek help from a rehab clinic if you struggle to quit.