5 Routine Mistakes That Can Damage your Health

Everything you do after breathing throughout the day can affect you to move a step closer to live a healthier life. Many activities are a part of our daily lifestyle and routine that unknowing are affecting the wellbeing and health of our selves. From picking up the cell phone to coughing in our hands and from heating your meal in the microwave oven to skipping the routine meal. There are plenty of ways that can make a difference to sustain and live a healthier and happier life. We cannot identify all the routine habits that are done by every single human since we all have a different lifestyle that varies from every individual. We came up with a few common habits that are attached to most of us that have a worse effect on our health.

Neglecting Sleeping Hours

Most of us are juggling through packed office work or a busy schedule which makes it very hard to keep the eight-hour sleep count daily. There is no doubt that sleeping is the most important part of your health, but the important point to highlight here is that what things are you choosing to compromise on your sleep. Is it worth it? According to recent research sleeping less is one of the main reasons why depression kicks in. The rest of the problems include cancer, memory loss, heart diseases, and low immunity.

The key to staying healthy is to have a track of your daily sleep. It is as important to sleep as to getting up at the right time. Make sure to sleep well at night and get up in the morning at the right time.

Way more Screen Time

You might have heard about how keeping the mobile phone closer to where you sleep can disrupt your sleep. Well, the bad news doesn’t end there. If you’re using the mobile phone during the day it will have the same effect as that. Just keeping the same posture using your phone will harm the body.


Keeping the Volume to the Maximum

Whether you’re in the park for a run or at the gym or listening to your favorite motivational music at any time while playing any sports in the sports costume. Make sure to keep a check on the volume. Most phones notify about the sound that can damage your ears which can result in hearing loss eventually. This might happen unknowingly to most of us that the volume might be at the maximum while we are so into listening to our favorite song.


Ignoring the Water Intake

Going into a routine, there comes a time where you’ve been exerting a lot of energy from the body and it is the right time to have a glass of water. People mostly are not able to identify the need to hydrate their bodies until it reaches a certain point. It is important to consider the importance of drinking water that will help in normal blood flow and prevent your skin from dryness.

Skipping Breakfast

There is a huge account of the benefits of breakfast early in the morning. Let’s put a few things in the count for better understanding. Many researchers approve that not having breakfast can reduce the functioning of the brain. The second research shows that not having breakfast reduces the odds of any heart disease and heart attacks.

When it comes to those who avoid breakfast to reduce their body fat need to know that your body metabolism doesn’t allow the extra energy to store in the body after having breakfast. It removes the waste right away.

There are no boundaries to what can be avoided during the day to make sure that you stay the healthiest every day. But the best way to be healthy is to keep the immunity and metabolism rate normal so that your body can fight back the problems that can create and further issues. One way to deal with such issues is to join a sport like Mix Martial Arts or MMA that can help in the process to stay healthy and fit and also to make sure that everything stays on point.