3 Useful Reasons Why Your Kid Should Learn Aikido

3 Useful Reasons Why Your Kid Should Learn Aikido

Are you currently struggling to choose which martial arts would be best for your kids? It is a task that is pretty confusing, especially if you are not fully knowledgeable of the difference between martial arts. It’s true. It’s a situation that’ll overwhelm any good-hearted parent who only desires the best for their children. It is worth noting, too, that these martial arts offer to teach diverse techniques and core. 

If you have your mindset on letting your kids be taught not only self-defence, you could introduce them to aikido. It is an excellent form of martial arts that originated in Japan. The movements are similar to jiu-jitsu, which educates children to become more disciplined and learn the spirit of teamwork. 

Here are three practical reasons why your kid should learn aikido.

To Become Fit

Come on, there’s no point denying the truth. Many kids these days prefer getting stuck inside the house playing video games, liking and sharing posts on social media networks, and binge-watching series and movies. Although you also cannot refute that you feel relatively safe that your children are in your home, it isn’t a healthy habit.

More and more kids have either become obese and act “allergic” to having some natural vitamin D or sweat out toxins out of their bodies. Children should enjoy valuable time exercising and becoming fit without compromising their food intake.

Aikido is a fantastic option as it improves body development. It’ll make your kids stronger, sensitive, connected, and even graceful. They’ll master balance and posture and even attain better psychological health, too, as aikido leads its students to celebrate and follow a harmonious path in life.

Gaining Knowledge on how to Defend and Protect


It is a well-developed and thought martial art due to incorporating various studies, religious beliefs, and philosophy. It was the belief of Morihei Ueshiba to pursue and teach it to his students.

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The progression of aikido became more evident when the defence wasn’t the only focus of the student. In truth, when they are defending themselves from the attack, they are also protecting their attackers from any severe injuries. Advanced techniques are pretty unbelievable, too! That’s why many students, whether children or older individuals, are inspired to gain more knowledge. Aikido integrates mechanics, force, balance, and perfect timing. 

Knowing the Differentiation between When to Attack and Self-defence

Aikido was never created and taught for destruction or disparaging purposes. It goes against the grain and viewpoint of aikido. As a result, you can expect that your children will incorporate this crucial philosophy not only when they are practising it but also in their daily lives. 

Self-defence is the main focal point of this martial art, specifically to gain the abilities defending one from strikes, locks, and even throws. Your kids will acquire the capacities to execute all techniques and even get the chance to view from both an attacker and defender perspective. 

Your children shall learn more with aikido that’ll make them better individuals. Are you excited to get more information about kids’ aikido classes? If you are in Sydney, you can book here to try it for free.